Why is Dropping the Ethereum price?


Ethereum price has dropped to $191 at the time of writing. The Price has dropped extensively in the last days and some are starting to ask if Ethereum will survive?

Are developers selling all the Ether they collected from the ICOs?

30 morpher 351x185 - Why is Dropping the Ethereum price?Airdrop: Morpher is Giving Away 30 USD to Launch their Trading Platform.
The project aims to build a trading platform and is supported, among others by billionaire VC fund Tim Draper.

Assuming that this is true, has this made Ethereum’s value drop? Are there better other options to Ethereum like EOS, Bitshares, Waves, or Stratis and if so can Ethereum survive the opposition?
Would it be advisable for you to HODL or sell?

I figured Ethereum would have shot $500 at some point last month August after it dipped under $300. However now in the wake of the last dip under $200 and closer to $190, I’m doubting how much can the price go up!

I’ve been buying into Ethereum incrementally since ETH price was at around $22. I quit buying when it went over $300 and purchased progressively when it dropped down to $260. Saying that, while Ethereum may be in the red right now, my ETH wallet is still green, of course, o could have sold when it hit high prices. But this what HODLing is.

I believe some of the Dapps being created on Ethereum will be game changers and have faith the price of ETH will inevitably reach $500, or maybe 1500 again. But since this never-ending bear market turns of altcoins will bleed. And we will continue to see those bloodbaths when market cap loses billions in a matter of minutes. This drop has been brought down the overall Market Cap to 192 Billion.

Do you think there is a correlation between Ethereum price drop and Bitmex listing ETH-USD Futures on mid-July 2018 when a sharp price decline started?

Leave a comment and let me know, what do you think?


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