We are in the Final Stage of the Collapse of the FIAT Currency Empire


Kudlow, the Director of the National Economic Council said in a press conference on Tuesday that the total government package to rescue the economy would be $6 trillion. This includes $2 trillion from Congress and $4 trillion from the Federal Reserve. However, since the government gets it’s $2 trillion from the Federal Reserve, he could have simply said that the package is $6 trillion from the Fed.

Or making it more simple what does the $6 trillion rescue package mean is that all holders of dollars and dollar-denominated debt will collectively lose $6 trillion of purchasing power due to inflation!

On the other side, rumors are spreading that the paper gold market is beginning to break as more and more people demand physical precious metals as economic uncertainty increases globally.

If you try to buy physical silver you will find that you will have to pay a price above $20 per ounce while the market price for paper silver is $13.3 at the time of writing. Seems that people are starting to understand that owning paper silver is not the same as owning physical silver.
dollar burning - We are in the Final Stage of the Collapse of the FIAT Currency Empire

Are we in the final stage of the collapse of the FIAT Currency empire?

If we look back in the US Bailouts history we see that what is happening now is not something new. The Fed printed millions of bailout money during the 1930 great depression. During the 1981- 1982 recession the Federal Reserve injected billions. Now we have trillions created from the Fed to rescue the economy from the coronavirus effect.

Now the question that bothers me is if the Fed will have the opportunity to inject quadrillions in the next crisis, or maybe the correct questions should be if Fiat money will survive the actual crisis?!

It is not a surprise to find today the Mainstream Media talking about the recovery of the financial markets after Fed injects $6,000,000,000,000.
We should be really in the final stages of the collapse of FIAT currency as a monetary system. People are so disconnected from reality that they think they can solve the problem by doing more of what caused the problem in the first place.

The Great Depression caused a 15% drop in global GDP. The Great Recession caused only a 1% drop. Nouriel Rubini predicts that what is coming next is a Great”ER” depression.

If we divide the new money created per capita we have 6 trillion /330 million = $18,000 per American citizen. Well, if you are not getting your $18,000 share from this new money supply created than someone else is getting richer.

This video published yesterday from FDIC does not inspire too much confidence in the banking system.

Keynesian Vs. Austrian Economics

Austrian economics supporters should have been bitcoiners. Their theory of holding cash is rational and makes sense for a resilient economy. On the other side, Keynesian economics were wrong, using inflation to punish holding cash just to benefit politicians creating a fragile economy. The Keynesian model is a madness creating more centralized power, a thing that has been never a god thing.
Fed is running the best advertising campaign bitcoin could ever have.

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