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The BSV Narrative that Went From “Craig is Satoshi and BTC is Screwed” to “Craig is a Forger and BTC is Screwed”


The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto was ordered to return 50% of the bitcoin he mined to Kleiman after a judge found that Craig Wright lied, falsified documents and perjured himself.

It is funny to see how the BSV community narrative changed from: The judge will confirm that CSW is Satoshi and BTC price will drop heavily. To: CSW is a document forger and a liar and has to give Kleiman 50% of the bitcoins and he will dump everything and BTC price will drop heavily.

The point these tweets are missing is that 50% of zero is still zero.

Looking at the price action seems that nobody is surprised from the court decision except some BSV supporters that dumped the BSV price.

This a collection of the best tweets for today:

What happened is simply the opposite of that. What the judge really ruled is that nearly all the evidence brought in court bt Craig Wright must be considered as lies and forgeries and thrown in the trash. Moreover, the UK Court now has a US judge backing up anyone saying Craigh wright is a fraud.

Another point BSV supporters are missing is that if CSW is the real Satoshi and with 50% BTC to be forfeited, CSW  will stop playing the “I am Satoshi” game, but probably he will not stop because he is not risking any BTS to be forfeited.

What is your opinion about the CSW court ruling? Feel free to post your opinion in the comments below


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