Russian Authorities Freezes Bank Accounts of the Opposition Party – This is why we need Bitcoin


Following the last week protests and massive arrests by the Russian authorities including the opposition party leader Alexei Navalny the next steep seem to be blocking the opposition’s money.

On Thursday The Moscow Times reported that bank accounts linked the opposition party were frozen.

Russian investigators said that the measure taken was due to a money-laundering investigation of about 1 billion rubles (nearly $15 million) by the Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK).

Also, the foundation committee said that their offices in Moscow were raided by the police on Thursday.

Investigators said that more than 100 private accounts were frozen after Navalny’s spokesman Yarmysh said that Navalny’s headquarters account was blocked and his foundation accounts were blocked including associates accounts and allies accounts.

“Searches are being carried out at a number of FBK employees’ residences, the organization’s office and other locations as part of the criminal case today,” the committee said in a statement.

This is why we Need Bitcoin

Meanwhile, the opposition leader and more than 1300 protesters are detained for merely exercising their rights to expression the people in power are acting quickly to cut the opposition funding freezing their accounts.

This is the fiat money controlled by the government and the misuse of the power the government has. The government duty is to serve not to control.

We need the separation of money from the sate to give more power to the people and fight corrupted governments.

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