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Now You Can Finally Own Nothing (and resell it):


Those who were in crypto the last years remember the “boom” in the ICO industry where some companies raised billions of dollars even without a product. Practically people were buying not shares or some kind of ownership on those ICO, but just a token with the hope to resell it later for more. This is what is bringing again, the “buy nothing thing” to resell it later for a profit.

In spite of the fact that the definition of what constitutes art is disputed and has changed over the course of the human history, general definitions describe it as a concept of imagination or technical aptitude coming from human creation. Art has played an important role in all the environments it was created. We have seen murals with the bitcoin theme during the Paris protests and the role they played echoing the message the artist wanted to spread.

Inspired by the massive number of cryptocurrencies that pop up every day, comes another idea. aims to play with the concept of  “ownership” as art, where the sole purpose is the transaction when you buy and then when you sell.

Making use of the Ethereum blockchain and the respective cryptocurrency ETH, those who visit the website can check the “work’s” present market price, buy it, and then put it for sale. When somebody offers the requested price ownership is transferred and the seller gets the ETH. Ownership is just confirmed with the recorded transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, a transaction that stays there forever and can not be changed.

Cryptocurrencies do not hold any value itself. They have value because people believe they have value. From this point of view, cryptos can be viewed more like art than currency. Here it comes making fun with this idea in an artistic way.

The idea was inspired by Yves Klein who sold empty space (the Immaterial Zone)  to many collectors who received receipts from Klein in exchange of gold leaves which he has thrown them into the Seine River.

This kind of art cannot find a better thing to interact with than the blockchain. is a piece of work that has no real intrinsic value in the physical world neither in the digital one since no tokens are issued. The work exists only in the transactions done by the website visitors.

Buyers of won’t get a proprietary certificate of the work they are buying. They will simply be taking part into the first global event of ownership being seen as art.

If you want to know more about, the best thing you can do is to reach Alexander Rafalovich at

To buy visit the website and connect with metamast and procees the ETH trasaction .



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