Nimiq The Coin With x 100 Potential!


This post was most recently updated on December 5th, 2018

What is Nimiq coin or (NIM)?

I came across NIM searching for coins that can be mined from the browser, and I found how easy is to mine NIM. Just go to create a wallet and start mining. There are many pools you can join but the best I found is . From my testing, I found that mining NIM with my i5 laptop using the browser miner gives a hash of 1-1.5kh/s which is not too much but if you use the skypool miner which you can download here you can get 4-5 times the speed of the browser miner. Actually, I get 5kh/s on my i5 laptop using skypool miner for windows.
How to set up the skypool miner?

First, you must choose the appropriate miner for your system. When you have downloaded the miner folder go to the config fail and edit the part in red:

“address”: “put your NIM address here”,

“name”: “put a name for your miner here”,

“thread”: 4,

“percent”: 100,

“server”: “ws://”

After doing that click on the skypool-node-client icon and that is it.

From my personal experience, this is giving to me 5kh/s which with the actual difficulty mines about 25 NIM per day. But this is on a Windows system. If you use Linux, the hashing power will increase by 2-3 times.

If you have those powerful workstations with a lot of CPU-s that it is worth mining Nimiq because you will make a decent amount of money.

Actually, NIM is listed on these exchanges:

NIM available supply at this moment is  1.978.140.450

NIM total supply is  3,293,791,557

Price per 1 NIM is approximately 0.0015 USD

At the time of writing Coinmartket rank was NIM is 628

Ledger Nano S added NIM to their hardware wallet

NIM is really very easy to use and has very fast transactions and very low fees. A good benefit of NIM is that it is CPU mineable meaning that it is more decentralized and more democratic, any user even with a simple laptop can mine the coin and contribute for the strength of the network. Unlike other coins with the growth of the popularity became more centralized with powerful actors entering the mining industry with large mining farms consuming a lot of energy. NIM with the growth of popularity becomes more decentralized as everyone will be able to mine with their personal computer.

The past year NIMIQ run an ICO rising funds for the project issuing an Erc20 Token named NEM. In April 2018 NIMIQ mainnet was launched and NET owners can convert their NEM to NIM until mid-October 2018 with a ratio 1 NET = 100 NIM.

NEM in listed in Hitbtc exchange and on mid-October will be replaced by NIM.

My personal opinion is that now it is a good time to invest in NIM before it gets popular and price spikes.

Let me know what do you think about this project in the comments below.

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