Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner’s Guide


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Nimiq is a browser mining based coin. It was composed in a way that everybody can use it easily and can mine it easily. It is possible to mine Nimiq by CPU and anybody can do that in minutes without any technical skills at all. Nimiq uses the Aragon2D algorithm.

Step by step instructions to Mine Nimiq

Since we know the insights about Nimiq, how about we get to mining some Nimiq!

Before we get into the mining guide, note that most mining software gets flagged by antivirus programs. So before running any program first exclude it from the antivirus scanning process.

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We first need to make a wallet. To do this click here. Click Safe and open keyguard. You will need to choose an avatar. You will not be able to change later the avatar you choose.
Make sure to write down your NIM address, this is your public key.
n1 - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide
Proceed to the next step and move the mouse over the numbers to see the seed words. This is a seed composed by 24 words and this is your private key. Make sure to write down and save the seed words in a safe place. Anyone with access to these words can steal all your funds!The seed words can be used to restore the wallet.
n2 - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide
Then you will have to validate that you have saved the seed words answering these questions:

val - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

Mining Pool to Mine Nimiq

I picked skypool for mining. They appear to have the biggest hash rate in the network at the present moment.

First of all download the miner here.

git sky - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

I choose as I am using windows. Now extract the files from the zip folder and open with a notepad editor the config file.

Edit this part adding your Nimiq address, a name for your miner, How many threads do you want to use ( actually I have 4 available) , The percentage you cant those threads to run  and lastly add the server address:

“address”: “NQ96 KR8J 4QP8 P1SP 3MDS S7M6 YDE5 9CET CS46”,

“name”: “MyMiner”,

“thread”: 4,

“percent”: 100,

“server”: “ws://”

Then click save.

n4 - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

Now return to your miner folder and click the green icon (skypool-node-client)

n5 - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

And that’s it.

The miner will start like this:

n miner - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

Now you can go to skypool

Add your Nimiq address to check your earnings.

sky - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

With the actual hash rate difficulty skypool calculates that you will earn 1 KH/s = 7.90 NIM/ day, so with a 5KH/s I will generate 7.9×5=39.5 NIM. Mine is an I5 Laptop so with a powerful processor you will be able to get more NIM.

Skypool fee is 1% and they check balances every day twice. If your balance is 10NIm or more the time of the check they pay your balance to your Nminq Wallet.

Mining NIM from the Browser

Now you can start mining immediately from the browser clicking here.

Click the mining icon on the homepage and connect to the network.

That’s it. You should be mining now.

The hash rate I am getting is 1KH/s . It is 5 times less the software browser.

NIM seems among the easiest coins to be mined.

What is the Hash rate you are getting? Post it in the comments below.

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spinner - Nimiq Mining (NIM): The Beginner's Guide

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