NFT news: Sir Anthony Hopkins released sell-out NFT collection

Sir Anthony Hopkins, an Oscar-winning actor, recently released his first NFT collection and – sold the collection out in less than seven minutes, reportedly breaking record times.

The collection, called ‘The Eternal Collection” features 1000 original works of cinematic art. These pieces were inspired by various performances over the actor’s extensive career. The collection includes titles like “The Jester,” “The Lover,” “The Ruler,” “The Rebel,” “The Giver,” and “The Eternal,”  to represent the different archetypal roles the Hollywood actor has played over his career.

According to OpenSea, the platform on which the collection was released, the work is set to conceptualise and interpret the character roles Sir Anthony Hopkins has played over the course of his film career, pulling its tremendous energy from his “potent body of art.”

The collection was was developed in collaboration with Orange Comet Inc, an NFT and Web3-focused design business.

In the week, Hopkins released an update with the news that The Eternal Collection had sold within ten minutes.

The collection itself is made up of 990 different images and pieces of work represented as NFTs on the blockchain. Included in the collection are:

  • Private conversations with Hopkins via Zoom;
  • randomly chosen personalised NFTs with a message from Hopkins airdropped into their wallets;
  • autographed dreamscapes art books; and
  • the actor’s paintings and drawings that he has done throughout his life and career.

According to OpenSea, this is the fastest that any collection has ever sold out on the platform, selling out in less than seven minutes.