Modern Day Women Require Modern Day Celebration: How Bitcoin Can Help


woman - Modern Day Women Require Modern Day Celebration: How Bitcoin Can Help

Celebrate your woman in style this International Women’s Day, and do so with bitcoin.

Whether you’re a woman yourself, or just an adoring fan, International Women’s Day pulls together support from all over the globe, to help raise awareness against gender bias. With events, charities, and competitions to be found worldwide, there’s next to no limit on the ways that you can creatively show your support.

Granted, this year’s observance may have passed us by, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be celebrating and supporting women every single day. While March 8th is the globally agreed upon date, you can help to advance women’s rights and gender equality at any time during the year.

Investing a small amount in any cryptocurrency, using a well-known exchange like Bitvavo – you can create a small asset holding for the women in your life. Choosing the right exchange will ensure that your bitcoin investment will mature as your ladies do. Already have bitcoin of your own? There are some pretty great things you can do with it in preparation for next year’s celebration.

What is International Women’s Day

While the movement began in 1910, International Women’s Day wasn’t widely celebrated and recognized until 1977. In some countries, the holiday calls for celebration and acknowledgment of all of the incredible things women do. In others, it is a time for protesting, and civil disobedience to bring awareness to inequality and oppression. Some places don’t celebrate the occasion at all.

Throughout Russia and much of Eastern Europe and Asia, the 8th of March is an official holiday, where women are given leave from work for observances. In the west, it is largely an observance. No matter how your country celebrates the day, it’s important to understand why this holiday exists in the first place.

Why Is It Important

International Women’s Day is an important holiday for a number of reasons. On a global scale, men still take 75% more wages than women. Women throughout our world are subjected to systematic violence- both physical and sexual in nature. Only 1% of land owned in the world is titled to women.

These are just a few of the staggering statistics that affect women and gender equality worldwide. Yet, women still work jobs, take care of families, attend school. Largely, women are just as involved in their families, communities, and workplaces as men- and yet, they are paid less, own less, and represented far less.

These are some of the reasons that even in modern-day society, it’s important to recognize and celebrate women, their achievements, and their continued hard work. Until equality is gained, there will be a need for recognition.

How Bitcoin Can Help You Celebrate

There are a number of charities that are focused on creating an equal foothold for women around the world. Some of which take donations in cryptocurrency itself, and others who will happily accept donated goods that have been purchased with bitcoin.

  • Code to Inspire

Code to inspire ( hopes to empower women across Afghanistan by teaching them how to code. Young women from across the country are given real-life skills that can help to drive economic and social progress. Encouraging equality through the advancement of women in technology.

  • Run 2 Rescue

R2R ( is a Christian non-profit organization that helps to aid, rehabilitate, and liberate women in the United States who have been victims of sex trafficking crimes. The charity not only accepts donations in bitcoin, but they will also accept goods and supplies on an as-needed basis.

  • Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation ( helps to organize, inspire, and protect activists from around the world. The organization focuses most directly on “closed societies”, but hopes to help defend the personal freedoms and rights of humans everywhere.


While the charity ( focuses the efforts on children, they protect more than just kids. Their vision is to help all people throughout adolescence, including young women who are sold into slavery or marriage. Helping to defend the rights and health of young girls globally, protecting the future of women.

Feel like you’d like to do more? Or perhaps you’re looking for a more personal way to say “I believe in women!”. Not to worry, there’s a number of online retailers that accept cryptocurrencies. Helping you help women through supplies, travel vouchers, or just showing you care.

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