LQX Coin, a Combination of Security and Scalability


LQX coin was initially launched in Brazil but because there is no clear legislation there about cryptocurrencies the company moved to Berlin in Germany. The company has also an office in the U.S. and a mining facility with more than 15,000 machines in Paraguay which is used to mine LQX and other coins like  BTC, DASH, ZCASH, MONERO.

LQX is now the second most mined coin on X.11 Algo just behind DASH with peaks of over 300 TH on mining pools and an average of 190 TH, with miners spread in Paraguay, China and USA.

The company also owns WeHPM ( https://wehpm.com/ ) based in Berlin. We! is an innovative and efficient market concept for cryptocurrency custody with loyalty points and operating transparently and securely around the world in a decentralized manner.

What is LQX?

LQX is a cryptocurrency that allows anonymous and instant transactions anywhere in the world. LQX is a mineable coin with its own blockchain-based on the x11 algorithm. It is the same algorithm used by DASH and has 2 level incentives. The first incentive is to mine the coin and get the reward and the second incentive is to run a masternode and get the reward.

The maximum supply of the coin is LQX and the block time is one minute. The block reward is 127 LQX with a reduction of issuance by 7,5% per year and. The reward is split into two parts: 48 % for the miners and 32% for masternodes.

 Bigger than DASH in Brazil? Absolutely YES!

6 months after being launched, LQX surpasses DASH in number of users and volume of transactions in Brazil.

Marketplaces like http://aquitemlqx.com/ and https://criptopayshop.com/ were precursors in the use of the currency and increase the number of products and users daily.

Now the next step is to expand the currency to other continents and for that he moved his HQ from Brazil to Berlin, Germany and also opens an office in the USA until July 2020.

Get LQX rewards Mining the coin or Hosting a Masternode?

Mining LQX is possible with any ASIC mining machine. The coin is based X11 Algorithm which is on one of the most secure and sophisticated technologies

In order to run a Masternode, the user needs to hold 1,000 LQX. Hosting a masternode not only makes you an operator of the network, so you do not rely on other nodes to broadcast your transactions but you also get rewards just like miners do.

LQX Characteristic and Objectives

A fast and anonymous digital cryptocurrency to send peer to peer transactions. Also, transactions are confirmed almost instantly in a matter of seconds making it an ideal coin for the everyday use.

Unlike many coins that have problems with scalability preventing their mass adoption for daily payments like Visa or Mastercard, LQX can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute.

Also, with LQX there is the possibility to earn passive income hosting a Masternode.

LQX aims to establish partnerships with companies and global retailers to set up ATM-s or points of sale to buy cryptocurrencies with Mastercard or Visa.

Company contacts:

Website: http://lqxcoin.com/

Email: contact@lqxcrypto.com

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LQXcrypto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptoLQX

Telegram: https://t.me/LQXcrypto

Instagram: @LQXcrypto


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    Graet news….I am from Brazil and I already bought and hold a lot of LQX because I believe we have a huge opportunity with this coin in the future. #euacreditonalqx

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