Lebanon Protests – Civil Disorder Exploding Everywhere in the World Against the Monetary Authority


After the protests in France, Hong Kong, Chile, and Spain the virus of civil disobedience against authoritarian monetary politics is spreading in Lebanon.

Thousands of people have flood the streets of Beirut after an announcement from the government to add more taxes.

Protests in Lebanon came amid worsening economic and financial conditions in the last 10 years. To add more fuel to the fire the government also imposed a $0.2 tax per day to WhatsApp calls.

It is uncertain if the government will survive this massive civil disobedience. Some politicians suggested resigning together, while others opposed that a government resignment would be devastating for the country.

The worsening of the economic and financial conditions are not something new in many countries, but what is changing is the trust of people in the monetary system.

People are becoming more aware that a change is needed. These protests more than anything reflect how our monetary system failed the people, or maybe was designed in this way. The banker’s world is falling apart and this is clearly seen everywhere in the world.

Central banks are increasing their physical gold reserves, preparing themselves for an eventual collapse of the financial system where gold would preserve the value while FIAT money crashes. The risk of a global financial collapse is so probable that even the Dutch central bank admits it.

However, the transaction will not be easy and bankers will push hard in order to survive. On the other side, people want more freedom and more transparency. It is an ideological battle and it is interesting to see how things will develop further.

On the other hand, a thing that would help this cause is Bitcoin. Bitcoin exactly what is needed to separate the money from the state and to give more power to the people. A decentralized system that gives power to the people to create their money, without the need of an authoritarian third party to emit and control it, like the governments actually do. A system where authorities can not confiscate your money, only because you are their political opponent.

In a world where the economic inequality gap is very large, a system upgrade of our monetary system is needed as soon as possible.





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