Largest Unidentified Bitcoin Whale Moves 100,000 BTCs

There is no bigger whale than the one who just moved his bitcoins, except of course the crypto exchange platforms and Satoshi Nakamoto himself. The total amount in displaced bitcoins is close to a billion dollars, but it has been transferred for a modest sum of $ 0.48!

A mysterious whale wakes up…

Last April, the¬†Bitcoin¬†address¬†”¬†¬†3KZ526NxCVXbKwwP66RgM3pte6zW4gY1tD¬†¬†” became¬†the richest¬†of all those whose¬†owner’s¬†identity is unknown.

With¬†101,857¬†BTC, this “BBNI” (Whale Bitcoin Unidentified) was then overtaken by the crypto-wallets and purses Huobi Bitfinex, according¬†to The Associate Crypto.

But last Saturday, June 27, this (very) big fish in the cryptosphere mysteriously moved its BTC. As we can see in the transaction below, almost all of the BTCs have been moved to two new unknown wallets.

A transaction totaling 101,857 bitcoins! РSource: explorer

A total of around¬†$ 935 million worth¬†of bitcoins has been transferred.¬†A first wallet received¬†5,000 BTC, while a second¬†wallet¬†was created to receive the ‚Äú¬†change¬†‚ÄĚ (currency) of the transaction, ie¬†96,857 BTC.

The whale keeps its title of biggest unknown wallet

This latest wallet, with the equivalent of¬†$ 890 million in BTC, is now the¬†second largest¬†(known) in number of bitcoins, according to data from¬†BitInfoCharts.¬†But as the largest still belongs to Huobi, our mysterious whale remains the¬†first of the ‚Äúunidentified‚ÄĚ.

The richest Bitcoin wallets in BTC, with our mysterious whale (circled in red) – Source:

Note that the fees for this transaction were only 5,271 satoshis (0.00005271 BTC), or 48 cents. Which system can do better better, in terms of transfer fees for such large amounts of money?

Difficult to know at the moment what is the reason for this important movement of BTC. This wallet could also belong to an exchange platform (which would not have revealed its address). We will keep an eye on it, just in case it signals a move on Bitcoin prices.