Jack Dorsey supports pro-Bitcoin Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Jack Dorsey, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, is advocating support for Robert F. Kennedy Jr in the presidential elections. As a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate, Kennedy Jr has some of the crypto community on his side with potential legislation at play with the digital currency industry.

Sharing a video from Fox News, Dorsey believes that Kennedy Jr “can and will” beat presidential candidates Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. As a Democrat, Kennedy Jr will be going against Republic candidates with different values, including the advocacy for cryptocurrency.

Kennedy Jr is also an environment lawyer and a strong advocate of the broader cryptocurrency industry. During a speech on May 19th at the Bitcoin Miami Conference, Kennedy Jr stated that he would be accepting donations in Bitcoin as part of his presidential campaign. This move marks a first in United States politics and sets up a possible precedent for future electoral campaigns in United States politics.

Kennedy Jr’s support for cryptocurrency

He pointed to Bitcoin as an engine for innovation, hailing the cryptocurrency for its possibilities. At the same time, he indicated the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) were possible tools to “magnify the government’s power”. He suggested that CBDCs would give banks and the government the chance of cutting access to users rather than increasing access to banking. Earlier in May, Kennedy Jr also slated the proposed tax on cryptocurrencies, calling it a bad idea. Bitcoin and crypto mining has become a point of concern to the Biden administration because of the energy use and requirements. However, according to Kennedy Jr, this concern is “somewhat overstated”.