It is Finally Here! A 100% Local Non-Custodial P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace


Finfreeotc is soon launching a one of a kind peer to peer cryptocurrency market place. Their marketplace is 100% non-custodial, giving users of the platform 100% complete control of their money and transactions, no coins will be stored on finfreeotc’s apps/platform. This makes finfreeotc the solution to the problem that many local traders are currently facing about their accounts and funds being frozen by current greedy local p2p platforms and centralized crypto exchanges.
finfree1 - It is Finally Here! A 100% Local Non-Custodial P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace
Furthermore; finfreeotc will be allowing users to trade products locally for crypto.Imagine selling or buying things like TVs, or cellphones, or clothing, or cameras, or cars, or bikes, or even furniture, and so on; and use cryptocurrencies to make the payments, so slick. And again, all the transactions on finfreeotc will be in the control of the users, as buyers will be using their own wallets to make payments on products as they meet in safe public locations with sellers.

Another major problem that they are looking to solve is the issue of paying trading fees and having to give in your kyc info. With finfreeotc, people will be making trades without paying any fees, it is completely free of charge, and since they are non-custodial, they do not store anyone’s money, people will not need to do kyc. All you do is just sign-up and start trading locally by finding products posted in your location, or you can also post whatever you want to sell and accept crypto for payments.

Finfreeotc seems to be the only platform aiming at really solving the multicurrency issue at a local level. As of today, almost all known p2p platforms are just about Bitcoin. But finfreeotc is so special because with their mobile apps, people will be able to freely buy or sell any kind of coins and tokens they wish by using any fiat payment methods, and also at the same time to be able to buy goods/products locally and make payments using any coins, so long as the seller of a product accepts your coin of choice. According to the founder/s; “This is what cryptocurrency adoption is all about.”

finfree app - It is Finally Here! A 100% Local Non-Custodial P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace

The founders say that “if we have to fight and compete with FIAT transactions then we, the crypto believers, will have to take the transactions fight into the streets where FIAT dominates. And therefore; we are launching finfreeotc to enable people to finally start doing day to day trades locally using cryptocurrency.”

One thing that also sets finfreeotc ahead from other platforms is that they give the users the freedom to accept any desired coins for payments while buying/selling goods locally from one another. And for them to be a non-custodial platform; it just makes it easier for people to trade as if there are just using cash. So slick.

finfree app1 - It is Finally Here! A 100% Local Non-Custodial P2P Cryptocurrency Marketplace

They will have some unique features which are highlighted on their landing page:  Some like inside messaging so that people can properly communicate just as it is done in Facebook messenger. They will also have an in-app calculator to assist users in setting up fiat to crypto prices or vice-versa when making trades. There will also be a live cryptocurrency prices feature which users can always use to know current live market prices.

They are ready to answer any questions from the crypto community, so feel free to shoot them a message on tweeter @finfreeotc, or email them at [email protected] , and do not forget to sign-up at www.finfreeotc.comso you will not miss the launch id their apps.

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