Is Trevor Noah A Bitcoin Revolution Investor?

Reports of South African comedian Trevor Noah have flooded in regarding the investment of the celebrity, with rumours circulating that he has invested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. As an acclaimed author, political commentator, and famed television host, Noah sits in the spotlight with his net worth highlighted and his investment options analysed by marketers, journalists and interested parties. However, the rumours might not hold any credence, and it’s worthwhile investigating the claims before believing the hype. 

What is Trevor Noah’s net worth?

Since 2015, Noah has been the host of  The Daily Show, a well-broadcast American news program which has a mass following and a massive budget. Earlier this year, Noah’s estimated net worth was sitting around a price figure of $30 million. At present, the conjecture is that his net worth is closer to $50 million, making him the fourth highest-paid comedian in the world, according to Forbes.

Not only does Noah see funds come in from his television hosting and comedic career, but royalties from his published book ‘Book a Crime’ help pad his pocket. In 2016, his book ranked number one on the New York Times bestseller list, promoting the sales of millions of copies.

With a wealth of success, Noah has gained a wealth of investment opportunities. It has been reported that he has looked to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to grow his assets, and thus, we decided to investigate the claims to see if they hold up.

Has Trevor Noah invested in Bitcoin?

There have been many reports that Noah invested in Bitcoin using the platform of Bitcoin Revolution Technology. This automated platform is a developed cryptocurrency trading software which is designed to help investors who are not full-time or professional traders. The intention is that the software works on behalf of the investor to make the best calls and trading options based on data and algorithmic patterns. It is alleged that many casual traders use the Bitcoin Revolution technology to make passive income without having to watch the market and make quick trades. 

After conducting research into his investment discourse and public conversation, it appears that the claims that Trevor Noah has invested in Bitcoin are false. Evidence that suggests he has invested in Bitcoin appears flimsy and comes from false resources. There is nothing to state that Trevor Noah has invested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency or to confirm the rumours.

Trevor Noah & Bitcoin Revolution

The rumours that report that Noah has invested in Bitcoin are often coupled with those that imply that he has resigned from hosting The Daily Show to trade cryptocurrency. However, these are false and likely come from marketers trying to manipulate information in order to make money off affiliate revenue. Noah has neither left The Daily Show nor suggested publically that he has invested in Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Revolution.

It is a common tactic for affiliate marketers to target the audience and fans of celebrity and feed them fake news in order to make sales and generate revenue.

Advice: Remain cautious about cryptocurrency scams and fake news

From scams and schemes to fake news and phishing, there are countless approaches that malicious entities will take to score money off vulnerable investors. In order to avoid losing money through a scam or a bad trade, it is best practice to conduct the following:

Avoid suspicious links

Phishing through email and newsletters is common practice from hackers and scammers. If there is something that appears wrong with an email link, rather avoid and make sure it is legitimate before clicking on it. If you happen to click on it, avoid offering any particulars or your private information. If scammers get your account details, you could risk your funds.

Look out for offers too good to be true

Odds are, if something looks too good, it probably is. Be careful of platforms which boast too-high returns or celebrity endorsements. Take an air of caution into each opportunity.


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Read & research thoroughly

Before investing or using a trading platform, make sure you do your own research and don’t follow news without fact-checking. In the cryptocurrency market, researching is key to remaining knowledgeable about any hacks, scams, or schemes.