Is Possible Mining Crypto on Android Mobile.


There was a miner on play store called the MinerGate Android App which is not available anymore on play store. But the Apk can be found on the minerGate official website.

Despite many mining, guides have been written about how to mine cryptocurrencies on Mobile Phones.

It is not worth the time even to think about doing this. Smartphones usually cost a few hundred dollars and overusing it to generate some fractions of a cent that you’ll not be able to withdraw is not a reasonable thing.

Mining requires special equipment to be profitable and smartphones are too expensive and generate a low hash power to be used for mining.

While bitcoin require special hardware called ASIC or Ethereum require GPUs.
There are some coins that can be mined using CPU like Monero, however powerful CPU is needed to make it profitable.
There are popping up also some coins that can be mined on the browser like Nimiq. Here is a  guide how to mine Nimiq
Is possible to mine on SmartPhone?
Is it Profitable?

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