HSBC Closes Bank Accounts for Hong Kong Protesters Movement

This post was most recently updated on September 30th, 2020

Hong Kong protests continue for more than five months. As the situation heats up, there are more and more crowdfunding activities and groups that support Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill. A source disclosed that HSBC had a corporate banking account to assists in large-scale crowdfunding protest activities.

The fund accepted donations, and the actual use of the alleged account did not match the original use of the account. HSBC requested the end of the account last month. The news also said that HSBC has given the enterprise customers a 30-day notice period and expires this week if the company fails to …, reports the Hong Kong Economic Journal.

Authorities are using the banking system as a tool to control people. This is happening everywhere in the world where unrests have erupted, banning access to bank accounts, placing limits or even worse overprinting new money bringing peoples savings value to zero.

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This has to end. Bitcoin fixes this. Long bitcoin and short the bankers.