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This is a tutorial on how to set up a Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency cold storage wallet. For those of you who don’t know what is a cold storage wallet. It is one of the only ways you can store your cryptocurrencies offline, where they are invulnerable to hacking or phishing or other forms of malicious intent. A Ledger Nano S device costs around a hundred bucks with delivery. If you’re holding a considerable amount of cryptocurrency, or are interested in keeping your cryptocurrency safe, it really is worth buying one of these. So you have the peace of mind and you know your cryptocurrencies are safe.

If you were interested in buying one here it is a link Ledger Nano S.
So here is what you were going to need to get started with this tutorial:
1-You will need your ledger Hardware cold storage device.
2-The USB cable that it comes with.
3-A pen.
4-The small recovery sheet that also comes with the device.
5-Google Chrome internet browser.

How to set up the Ledger Nano S?

The first step is to go to the ledger website and to go to the Apps section and download the ledger wallet Bitcoin and altcoins. Then download the ledger manager.

After these apps have installed on your Chrome browser, you go to the apps section of Google Chrome you will see them there available. The first thing we want to do is to open the ledger manager. Once we have the ledger manager open it’s time to actually power up our ledger nano s and get it configured. With your supplied USB cable, plug in the micro end into your ledger S and stick the USB into your computer. Once you power up the device, it is going to light up blue and it’s going to say welcome.

To start press on both buttons to begin. now it’s then going to tell you that the buttons are used to interact and control with the interface. One button is up on the menu the other button is down on the menu and both buttons are used as an enter function.

So knowing that let’s hit both buttons to go to the next step, You are asked you if you want to configure as a new device. Pressing the button above the tick will go to the next step. You choose a pin code with a minimum of a four-digit or a maximum of 8 digits using the left and right buttons. Remember the pin code that you choose because if you do get it wrong three times the legend nano will reset. Once you’re happy with your PIN code press both buttons to confirm and to move on to the next step.

The next step is your recovery phrase. Using your small recovery phrase card that came with the box. The device is going to go through 24 unique words just for you, which will be used as a backup in case your device gets lost or stolen. Be extremely careful when the words are displayed and make sure that you write down the words in the exact same order.

Once you’re confident that you have written down all of your words on the card press on both buttons to move on to the next step. Now the device is then going to ask you to confirm a few random words. Looking at the number on the device select the word that you wrote down that corresponds to that number and hit both buttons to progress.

If you’ve done that right will then show you the couple of wallets that have been installed as standard on the device which is Bitcoin and Ethereum. So now we are ready to use the wallet and start sending and receiving Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Here it is a guide about how to install Ripple on Ledger Nano S

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