Has Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway Invested in Bitcoin?

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Kate Garraway is currently one of the presenters of Good Morning Britain on ITV among other shows. Good Morning Britain is a popular British TV show that has four main presenters, Kate Garraway, Ben Shephard, Piers Morgan and Susan Reid with Charlotte Hawkins and Ranvir Singh as newsreaders. The magazine-style show includes headline updates every 15 minutes and short regional bulletins featuring news, travel and weather lasting three minutes.

In recent months, rumours have circulated online that Kate has invested and endorsed several bitcoin trading systems, including Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Up. We decided to take a closer look to find out whether these claims are actually true. 

Has Kate Garraway Invested in Bitcoin Systems?

Kate Garraway has recently shed some light on the rumours that claim that the Good Morning Britain TV personality has invested in Bitcoin systems. These rumours have appeared on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Kate has claimed that these rumours are false and are part of a Bitcoin scam that have used many celebrities as click-bait. Kate has never invested in Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin Up. The TV personality denies ever endorsing or investing in any cryptocurrency. 

Usually these rumours are created to attract users to these platforms. These platforms are taking advantage of the fact that many people are likely to respond to headlines involving or mentioning a celebrity and a brand name, or in this case, the name of a Bitcoin trading system. Especially when the celebrity and brand name are considered to have high profitability. 

Does this Mean All Bitcoin Trading Systems are a Scam? 

No, all Bitcoin Trading Systems are not a scam. Bitcoin Trading Systems like Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Up are designed, using an intelligent algorithm. This algorithm analyses the financial market and financial news and extracts the most relevant data to derive the most profitable trading options for the user. Bitcoin Trading Systems are automated, which means that it places trades on behalf of the user. This is especially helpful for new traders who have little to no formal trading experience. 

Most trading systems of this nature have a demo account feature which allows traders to explore the system before actually making a deposit. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the platform and gain some useful insights before live trading begins. Since the system is automated, the human-error factor is not a concern, however, most trading systems advise the user to do as much research as possible around the cryptocurrency market and the system they are interested in. It is important to note that these trading systems are only tools, investors must spend at least 10-20 minutes on their accounts daily. 

What Does Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Up Have in Common?

These trading systems are all powered by a sophisticated algorithm to analyze, extract and identify trends in bitcoin price movement and present the user/investor with the most profitable trades. These algorithms usually have an alleged accuracy of 90% and up. These training systems also rely on regulated brokers, who are responsible for collecting deposits, facilitating transactions and executing trades. Brokers protect the user/investor from fraud, theft or scams and make sure that the user does not lose large sums of money through investing irresponsibly. 

Has Kate Garraway Endorsed Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a sought-after investment and this is the reason why celebrities have fallen victim to gossip blogs and fake news platforms. We have found rumours claiming that Kate Garraway has endorsed cryptocurrency, however, we have found no evidence to support these rumors. We can now conclude that these rumours are false and should be avoided at all cost. These gossip sites and fake news platforms are using renowned celebrities as click-bait, to get users to their websites. 

How to Avoid Being Targeted by Fake News

The amount of fake news that is spread online is staggering. It is usually spread by websites, social media and email. Most of the hot topics for fake news are focused on politics, religion, government policies and financial scams. It has been reported that fake news travels faster than the truth. Since social media provides users with the capabilities to spread information quickly to other users without confirmation of its truth.

It is increasingly important that we know how to identify fake news or scams circulating on the internet, so we don’t fall prey to cryptocurrency related scams or fake news about celebrities like Kate Garraway.  

Here are few tips to avoid being a targeted by fake news sites: 

  • Avoid websites that end in “lo”, or “.com.co for example, Newslo or News.com.co. These fake sites usually take pieces of accurate information and then package this information with misleading facts.
  • If reputable websites are not sharing the same story, it should raise re flags. A lack of coverage is one of the first signs of a fake news story or site. 
  • Odd names are usually an indication of odd news or rarely truthful news.
  • Stories without a byline or author are also a cause for concern.
  • Make sure that the site has an about us section or search for the site on Wikipedia for more information about the source. 
  • A bad web design and extensive use of CAPS is also a sign that the source is suspect.


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