Has Ant McPartlin Invested in Bitcoin or Traded Crypto?

Ant McPartlin has been associated with Bitcoin trading; wrapped up in rumours that he invests in the cryptocurrency using automated trading platforms. The British television actor, producer and presenter has been iconic for his duo partnership with Declan Donnelly as the comedic act. Having started their careers on the set of the children’s drama series Byker Grove, they both successfully kicked their television careers into gear. bagging multiple roles across the silver screen.

As often happens with fame and fortune, the rumour mill starts to turn, bringing with a number of suggestions that McPartlin has invested in Bitcoin to pad his famous bank account. To investigate these rumours, we conducted research into his public discussion and explored whether he has invested in Bitcoin.

Does McPartlin invest in Bitcoin?

According to our thorough research, we can confirm that there is no public backing to support the claim that Ant McPartlin has invested in Bitcoin. The rumours have no evidence to support them as the television star has never mentioned that he has Bitcoin or trades any cryptocurrency. The rumours of his Bitcoin investment are false, having stemmed from media houses and gossip blogs trying to get traffic from his well-established fame.

Where do the rumours that Ant McPartlin has invested in Bitcoin trading come from?

A common technique affiliate marketers and gossip blogs have is to link celebrities with possible viral news. Because the terms “Ant McPartlin Bitcoin news” has garnered traffic, there has been a springboard for media sites to try and exploit users searching this. This brings traffic to their sites, even though the news is false and the rumours are fake. Affiliate marketers also try to take advantage of celebrity’s names and following to entice vulnerable fans to invest in platforms.

What is this automated Bitcoin trading?

Common rumours link Ant Ant McPartlin to Bitcoin trading systems. These are automated software platforms which make use of trading bots for users to trade through data and intelligent software. The bots work on behalf of the user and investor and make predictions and trades according to historic trends, algorithms, and data-driven insights. Basing the trades on software like this takes out the human error and allows users to trade without needing to stay glued to the market movements and their own trading exchanges.

Based on our research, automated trading software is intelligent and makes quick profitable short-term trades. They take advantage of any dips and inclines in the market to make quick buys and sell-offs to make money for the user. The success rate is positive, with more than 75% of the trades enjoying success and there is a great chance to make money off the automated software.

Tips for Bitcoin trading

It is important to take caution that Bitcoin trading is immutable; meaning that once a transaction has happened it cannot be reversed. This means that once a manual (or automated) Bitcoin trade has been made through any platform you choose, there is no unmaking it. Bitcoin trades are final. It’s also worth noting that the market has a reputation for volatility so there is a high-risk high-reward factor, but that comes with the possibility of losing money on a badly timed trade.

So when trading:

  • Know that all trades are final and cannot be undone.
  • Work off logic and don’t make trades emotionally.
  • Keep your head level and don’t buy or sell because of FOMO.
  • Stick to a strategy as much as possible, but keep an eye on the market.
  • Research thoroughly and investigate what other cryptocurrencies might be worth trading.