Google launched blockchain-based node on its Cloud

Tech-giant Google has announced that it is launching a Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) which will be based on its Cloud platform.

“Blockchain is changing the way the world stores and moves its information. Building on our commitment to help Web3 developers build and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms, today we’re thrilled to announce Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine.

As per the announcement, the node will be working with Ethereum’s network to offer developers a network to operate on. The node-hosting serve will allow businesses to perform transactions that will be made through blockchain technology and based on smart contracts. These will be written directly on the blockchain on Google Cloud:

“Manually deploying a node is a time-intensive process that involves provisioning a compute instance, installing an Ethereum client, and waiting for the node to sync with the network.”

The announcement continued that it will offer Google developers an easier and faster way to launch a node with a single operation:

“Google Cloud’s BNE can make this process faster and easier by allowing developers to deploy a new node with a single operation and specify the desired region and network.”

Google’s serve plans to create nodes that will sit behind a private firewall on the cloud, which will only allow nodes and users to interact with each other with permission. This will create trust between machines and will help protect the nodes from denial-of-service attacks and other malicious entities online. Managed by Google. BNE will have an in-house team to manage the network to monitor and supervise outages and maintain smooth operations.

This is not the first foray Google is taking in the Web3 space. The multinational corporation has partnered up with Coinbase to offer cryptocurrency payments for users to pay for their cloud services. It is also working with Near Protocol to offer support for the technical recipient’s.