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First of all, what is BAT or the Basic Attention Token?
BAT is an Erc-20 Token based on a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. While you can buy and sell BAT on the major exchanges, this is not the sole purpose of BAT token.
Here it is some info about BAT from

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The company behind this Token is Brave, the Browser with private and secure features built from Brendan Eich, the Javascript creator.

How to Earn Money With Brave Browser?

The main purpose BAT, was to create a decentralized advertising system where there is no middleman. Users get paid for viewing ads if they choose to or simply they can switch off the ads on the browser. Personally, if I have to view ads, I prefer to get paid for that.

You can choose to be paid in BAT tokens or you can choose to get paid via Uphold Wallet by any currency you want like EUR, USD, etc.

I have been using this browser for a year till now and it is pretty good.

If you want to support this blog please use this link to download the brave browser.

They have also a referral program where they pay $5 in BAT tokens for every person you refer to their browser.

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