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How To Earn Free Bitcoin

I know it sounds a bit too good to be true to be earning free Bitcoin. But just give me one second to explain to you how the new crypto tab browser can help you earn free Bitcoin. I’m doing so this is the main dashboard of cryptotab and here you can see how much Bitcoin I have earned.

As you can see it’s about one dollar in my account as I made a withdrawal yesterday. You can see the mining speed here you can see how much has been mined. You might be thinking to yourself that you’ve heard that you know to be able to mine Bitcoin you need supercomputers and basically like a warehouse full of them – for it to be worth your efforts.

So how is this even possible? Well there’s a fairly new cryptocurrency that has come out that is called Monero and that ís actually skyrocketed in price as well but because monero is easy to mine from CPU.
So the cryptocurrencies that crypto tab actually mines is not Bitcoin even though it earns you free Bitcoin. it actually mines monero. And then what crypto tab does for you is, that they exchange your monero for Bitcoin. They change it for Bitcoin and put it into your account, so you can then cash out your Bitcoin whenever you’re above the minimum withdrawal limit. You can cash out your Bitcoin and there’s zero nerdy technical skills required.

You literally just have to install a browser, called Cryptotab and you’ll earn your free Bitcoin. So it’s a pretty amazing extension but the magic comes in with the affiliate program that they have. So you can see that there’s a button down here that says boost, so we’ll click that one and I’ll show you what it’s all about the magic lies in referring other people to using an extension because anyone that you refer you will get an additional percentage from their Bitcoin revenue. I have referred many people and making actually about 1 dollar a day in bitcoins but I did not start more than one month ago so earning are rising exponentially, thanks to the referral structure they have.

If you refer five friends which is I mean if you refer only your family I mean they should all be using Cryptotab browser, so that they can earn some extra cash just by having it installed and then let’s say that they also refer another five friends. They tell people at work they, put it on Facebook, this is what can what’s gonna happen to you if this happens the affiliate program has a ten-year system.

So basically the first round of tiers that you refer you will get 15% of whatever they earn which is essentially 3.3 dollars a month right. So that’s not you know that exciting but if they each refer five people that’ll be 25 and then it’ll be 125 625 and then you know exponential increase to an insane amount of people down the line.

Now I’m not saying that you’re gonna earn $40,000 a month if you can refer it to five people. But their income potential is actually pretty good because of how the tiered system works. So if the earlier you are to adopt this, the more free Bitcoin you can earn. So make sure that you sign up for Cryptotab and install the browser and start spreading the word as soon as you can because the earlier you’re in, the more people will be untapped. And the more people that you can be really referral of.

So just make sure you get started to earn your free Bitcoin spread it to your friends and family you know. I don’t understand why I wouldn’t want them to make free bitcoin? You would like to earn free Bitcoin? It’s crazy like I can’t get my head around this and I’ve already seen people like cashing out from this (me included) so it’s it’s not a scam. It works and it’s it’s really really cool.

Some of the people are earning already like five-six hundred dollars a month, even some people earning thousands of dollars a month because they were the first ones in. So the earlier you get in the more money you can earn. And if you have any questions guys just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
Now make sure you get Cryptotab and sign up and install the browser and start earning free Bitcoin today.

You can also earn free BAT using the Brave browser.

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