Former PayPal CFO has his Bank Account Closed Without Explanation


Bank of America just closed an account of Roelof Botha, the former CFO of PayPal without an explanation according to a tweet he posted today showing a screenshot of a notice document he received from the bank.

Many seem to be angry with PayPal according to some comments under his tweet blaming his former company to do the same thing with their clients without explanation.

@bitgensteinx – And this is exactly what your company PayPal did to me after ~10 years. With absolutely no explanation…

@JohanDXB – That’s funny indeed, he did the same to many people but complains when it happen to him

@safoo Rydhan – Same. Paypal closed my business account, and kept $5000 for 6 months. No explanation, no one to discuss with.

Many asked him if he bought bitcoins suggesting that this might be the reason for his account to be shut down.

Seems like Bank of America is promoting bitcoin. It is great to see this revolution changing the monetary system without shooting a bullet.

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