Ethereum Classic: The Phoenix Hard Fork Scheduled for June


Ethereum Classic is the original blockchain of Ethereum, separated following the “DOA hack” in June 2016. Only a few months after its Agharta hard fork, Ethereum Classic is preparing to set the scene with Phoenix.

Phoenix is ​​fast approaching

There are only 2 weeks left before the launch of the Phoenix hard fork on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. The deployment of the hard fork is planned for June 2, more precisely at block 10 500 839 of the ETC blockchain.

At that time, Phoenix will be deployed after being highly tested for 4 months on two different testnet and through various client software.

This hard fork will integrate the improvements made to the protocol by the Istanbul update, introduced by the Ethereum foundation.

Without going into the details of these improvements, they will bring improvements on two central points:

  • Interoperability: allow the different ETH and ETC clients to be interoperable, as well as the different testnets.
  • Accountability: ensure that additions to the EVM do not affect the operation of existing smart contracts.

Ethereum Classic soon in DeFi?

In addition to its hard fork, things continue to evolve on the side of Ethereum Classic. In fact, the project recently announced a partnership with ChainBrigde, a solution specializing in the interoperability of blockchains.

Thanks to this partnership, the Ethereum Classic network will be able to connect to the Ethereum and Cosmos networks through ChainBridge.

“ChainBridge will allow users to lock their ETC and transfer their value to Ethereum, where the bridge will create synthetic ETCs. These ETCs will then be able to interact with the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum as the user wishes, ”  announces the announcement.

Once implemented, it will however be necessary to wait for the various DeFi platforms to add support for the synthetic ETC issued by ChainBridge.

While its alter ego gets bogged down in Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum Classic continues to make its way. Miners now only have to make sure their client is up to date and wait for the deployment of the hard fork.

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