Ethereum Back in Second Place in CoinMarketCap


Ethereum the second most popular cryptocurrency suffered a big drop in 2018 loosing more than 80% of its value going from $1400 to $83. At the same time in the last months losing the second position in the index. Ethereum suffered a massive sell-0f in summer which was caused mostly from ICOs selling their ETH funds.

eth chart - Ethereum Back in Second Place in CoinMarketCap

But today 2 January 2019 it seems that Ethereum regained the second position and it is changing hands at $150 at the time of writing. Ethereum almost doubled in price in the last 30 days after hitting the $83 mark which is the lowest price for 2018.

Ethereum second - Ethereum Back in Second Place in CoinMarketCap

Enthusiasm has spread through social media after ETH returned where it belongs.

Others say that this will be short-lived until another ICO dumps Ethereum again.

However, in the last 30 days Ethereum is doing a great performance so let enjoy this and maybe if Ethereum continues the uptrend other coins will follow.

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spinner - Ethereum Back in Second Place in CoinMarketCap

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