Eos’ Dan Larimer: “I Could Take Down BTC and ETH With Just 3 Pool Operators”


Daniel Larimer, the founder of EOS (which raised more than 4 billion dollars during the ICO), has claimed in a comment on Twitter that he could without much effort “bring down” the decentralized blockchain systems of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Initially, he posted a question on Twitter asking: How many people do you have to hold hostage to censor all the transactions on your decentralized blockchain?

“How many innocent people would you have to hold ransom to get #bitcoin or #eth miners to reverse a transaction? Would miners and mining pool operators be subject to class action lawsuits if people died because they mined?”

The first comment was “21” implicating the EOS’s 21 elected block producers whos work is to secure the EOS network.

At that point Larimer
reacted by saying he would just need to control 3 pools to control Bitcoin and Ethereum:

Other reactions from the crypto community comments were about why he did not do what he threatens.
His response was “because it is illegal”

The EOS Platform is constantly criticized for its centralized nature, with just 21 entities known as block producers deciding which transactions to validate or reverse. All things considered, their token price has been relentlessly improving since its move from the Ethereum Blockchain to their own blockchain.

EOS was positioned in the top spot within an ongoing cryptocurrency evaluation report released by the China Electronic Information Industry Department (CCID). It was also rated by the Weiss Crypto Ratings Report among BTC and XRP, which predicts EOS as one of the top performers for 2019.


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