Dogecoin Price Skyrocket: Good news for crypto investors


A good wind is blowing in crypto. Bitcoin price has been steady the last days around 7k.
DOGE is going up for the last 2 days continues. According to coinmarcetcap today doge is 58% up

Other coins joined the rally:

Dogecoin              $DOGE +58.28%
ReddCoin            $RDD +31.05%
ProChain             $PRA +27.47%
DigitalNote         $XDN +24.81%
MediShares        $MDS +26.70%
Bytecoin              $BCN +20.22%

DCR seems in a good point to get some:


As we see those high volume coins go up, it seems a good sign for a Bull Run start.

And looking at the Dogecoin chart it looks more like a breakout compared to the past 3 small bull runs in February, April, and July.  As these coins start to move it is a good sign that we could be heading up as a whole and the Alts season would be back soon.

Discloruse: I do not own any of the coins mentioned in this article.


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