CryptoGames: An exhilarating world of fun games and tempting rewards beckons you!


Since the birth of mankind, man has searched for ways to keep himself entertained. Mankind has come a long way, from the prehistoric age, where men were entertained through the activity of hunting to the twenty-first century where man has gadgets and video games to blissfully enjoy time spent.  In this tech-savvy era boredom is more lethal than poison, which is why time should be carefully invested in things which provide maximum amusement and pleasure. Nowadays millions of people waste away hours and hours of valuable time in fraudulent online casinos, which have no intention of providing their users with entertainment and security. These casinos bombard their users with hundreds of lackluster games and offer little to no security. Some of these even cheat gamblers of their rightful winnings!
CryptoGames provides a respite from all of these conniving casinos as it refuses to make false promises. CryptoGames has a primary goal which is to take care of its ever increasing user base and to provide top notch security and entertainment for its gamblers.

crytpo games - CryptoGames: An exhilarating world of fun games and tempting rewards beckons you!

Why choose CryptoGames?

CryptoGames has an excellent team of professionals and entrepreneurs who run and manage the system proficiently and who dexterously moderate the ever-growing CryptoGames community. The moderators possess a deep sense of care and concern about the wellbeing of the users which is why they communicate effectively and immediately about any issues that turn up. Within few days of its establishment, CryptoGames has become home to a community of similar minded people who are intent on making new friends all around the world and who actively participate in the numerous festive events and promotions hosted by CryptoGames all throughout the year.

CryptoGames has a library of fun and engaging games!

CryptoGames offers a collection of simple and entertaining games that will successfully grab the attention of any gambler. The games come with multiples tutorials and detailed guides which will enable users to master the games at alarming speed.  Furthermore, the smaller number of games will not impede the decisions of most gamblers, who would have been intimidated if CryptoGames decided to bombard them with hundreds of lackluster games.  The list of the enticing games that CryptoGames offer are –


One of the most popular and exciting casino games in the world, Dice has a vast range of potential outcomes (0.000-99.999) and the game is won if a player accurately predicts if the outcome of the rolling of the dice produces a higher or lower value than an aforementioned number. In spite of having a set of simple rules, the game produces fierce competition between opponents, who would try their utmost to attain victory. Dice has a house edge of only 0.8% making it one of the casinos with the lowest house edge.


Roulette, the French word for “little wheel”, is available in most gambling sites on the internet. CryptoGames edition of Roulette is a “European” version of the game, which uses the same payout table like its American cousin but has almost half the house edge due to the single zero that is present on the 37-number wheel used in the game. Filled with fun and excitement, the game of Roulette is a favorite among ardent gamblers.


The captivating game of slot is played on four reels which spin back and forth before coming to a stop. A pay out can be claimed if four chosen symbols line up in the middle of the slot. CryptoGames offers “single line” slots with a horizontal payline. A maximum of 5 BTC can be won and claimed in this interesting game.


One of the most interesting games of the internet, Blackjack is a banking game that has players compete to gain hand that has points nearer to 21 than the banker.  Simple but extremely intense, the game of Blackjack produces fierce competition between ambitious gamblers.


Lotto (short for “Lottery”) is a game where players purchase tickets which are used to assign winners.  CryptoGames hosts two draws per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays for Bitcoin. Three winners are announced, who attain all of the cryptocurrency collected during the ticket revenue.


A delightful game that involves a ball getting dropped from the top of a pyramid, Plinko has always managed to captivate most funloving gamblers. This game requires a user to choose an amount to bet and a payoff value is assigned after which the ball is allowed to bounce to the bottom of the pyramid.

Video Poker

A popular game across most online casinos, Video Poker frequently manages to deliver enormous winnings. CryptoGames offers three variants of the entertaining game called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker, all of which can be toggled from the top left corner of the CryptoGames game board.


The game called Minesweeper was popular from the start of the internet era. This age-old game has a playing field where players click on as numerous boxes and try to avoid collision with mines.CryptoGames only accept bets that have a profit not greater than 4 BTC (maximum win per bet), which meansif the current win reward exceeds 4 BTC additional fields are no longer accessible.

CryptoGames cares about your security

The internet is filled with notorious hackers who are always trying to sniff out opportunities to capitalize on weak security options, which will help them attain loads of free currency. This is why it is of paramount importance that measures are taken to prevent these atrocious actions. CryptoGames has taken multiple steps to protect its users from these malicious attacks. The site makes use of two-factor authentication and SSL encryption to protect its users from threats of all sorts even if users’ passwords become compromised. Email confirmation is always mandatory for withdrawals, so that getting money out of user accounts is impossible for hackers. User funds are stored in cold wallets, therefore even if the casino was directly attacked and infiltrated, the user funds would be far from the hackers’ grasp.

CryptoGames makes life easier with flexible deposit options

CryptoGames supports over 10 types of cryptocurrencies, making the issues of payment extremely easy and efficient for its wonderful user base.  Users can choose to make transactions with any of the following cryptocurrency -Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, PlayMoney, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. After correctly depositing currency, the user is granted free access to all games with the added option of switching between supported cryptocurrency types via the built-in exchange system, anytime they want. They even have CoinSwitch integrated, though which users can deposit any well known altcoins directly and convert them to a coin supported by the casino without the need of going through tedious exchange trading.

CryptoGames always grants users their winnings

CryptoGames is an impartial gambling site, thus all users are treated equally and fairly. CryptoGames never delays winnings and always presents winners with their rewards immediately. The gambling is also provably fair, making use of hashes and seeds which users use to verify bets. Randompicker, A third party website, utilizes anti cheat techniques and is used to help judge bets and draws in an unbiased manner.
CryptoGames is also reputed for having one of the lowest house edges in the online casino industry, presenting users with a captivating advantage over most casinos. The house edge of dice is only 0.8% further divulging the site’s intention to provide its users with great odds.

A Final Word

A gambler always looks for the best circumstances to invest his cryptocurrency. The gambler has to be aware of conniving online casinos which seek to cheat their users and provide the worst return on investment. CryptoGames recognizes this and thus provides a platform that it is provably fair, and has impenetrable security, making users feel safe and relieved.

So, without further ado, join CryptoGames and partake in a gambling adventure that will provide you with endless entertainment and thriving rewards.


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