Crypto Market in Green as Bitcoin Price Crosses $3,800 and Ethereum Rises  by 11%


The price of Ethereum surges to a one-month high as the community is heading near the ETH hard fork. Ethereum is exchanging at $138.75 at the time of writing, ETH price has surged by 11% in the last 24 hours. On 6 February Ethereum hit this month lowest price which was $103.

As usual, after this massive price action altcoins followed and the crypto market went all in green.

Bitcoin crossed $3,850 at bitfinex and it is right now at $3,824.

Bitcoin trading has seen a high volume on 8 February rising by $500 going from $3200 to $3700 in minutes.


Another important event that might have pushed prices are news about Argentina and Paraguay using bitcoin as payment for Exports between them


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