Crypto Community Waiting for Binance to Delist BSV


Edit: Today, 15 April 2018, Binance announced that BSV trading has been suspended on their platform and users have time until 22 April to withdraw their BSV coins from the exchange.

After the large support shown from the crypto community for hodlonaut, the CEO of the biggest spot exchange, Binance, joined the party and threatened to delist BSV.

“I normally don’t like get involved in debates, pick sides, etc. But this is going too far. I also didn’t like the fact that the fork caused BTC to drop below $6k, which caused pain to many in the industry.” added Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO.

In the meantime, two days passed and others are getting sued but still, no action is taken from Binance to delist BSV.

“How stupid is this. They want to delist the original bitcoin BSV because they don’t like to hear the truth about Craig inventing Bitcoin. Censorship does not change facts.” Said Coingeek founder, Calvin Ayre in a comment about the the Delist of BSV.

The @cz_binance tweet about the delist got 14k likes and 4k retweets, which seems like a confirmation that the community wants the delist of BSV from the exchange.

On the other side, many are reminding Changpeng Zhao about the promise he made and a hashtag about this is getting popular on Twitter .

Do you think BSV should be delisted? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Cockblockstream on

    Crypto cultists live in a bubble where they believe the law doesn’t apply to them. They are learning the hard way that yes, in fact, they live in a real society with real laws. They are a bit upset about it, but they will accept it soon, or lose whatever funds they have invested in BTC and other anonymous, illegal coins.

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