Chile Declares State Of Emergency – People Unable to Withdraw Their Money


The same scenario repeats every time a system fails, people are unable to access their money. This is the banking system we have, a powerful tool used by authorities to control the people.

While Chile streets are under military law and there are reports of militia shooting people in the streets. Social injustice and inequality have pushed Chileans to flood the streets and demand economic reforms. The video below shows the brutality of militia against protesters.

There have been also reported that supermarkets and ATMs are closed. It is yet unknown if the government will use the banks to keep people under control.

The same happened in Hong Kong during the last months, people have been struggling to access their money.

It is at these times when people realize how important is the freedom to access your money whenever you want. This is why bitcoin volumes spike at this times in these countries as we reported time ago about Venezuela.

coindance - Chile Declares State Of Emergency – People Unable to Withdraw Their Money
This is why we need Bitcoin, decentralized and permissionless money where you are your own bank and have access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Yesterday, we talked about protests in Lebanon and how corrupted politicians use monetary politics to impoverish the people. Today LBC reported that protester moved before the central bank of Lebanon because people are realizing that it is not just the corruption but also the monetary system that is flawed.

But seems that every day more people are realizing the flaws this monetary system has and the civil unrest is spreading like a virus in the world.

Short the bankers and long bitcoin.

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