BTC adoption: Twitter’s Tip Jar set to include Bitcoin payments

Rumours abound that Twitter is setting up to allow content creators to receive tips in Bitcoin (BTC) as part of the latest iOS update.

According to a report from MacRumors, the latest iOS beta update for the Twitter app will feature code that will enable users to tip other creators in Bitcoin as part of the “Tip Jar”. Earlier this year, Jack Dorsey had suggested that Bitcoin tipping might be on the cards soon, with the founder stating that cryptocurrency is set for the future of Twitter.

Twitter’s Tip Jar – empowering creators and enabling crypto

In May, the social media platform introduced the Tip Jar feature as a way for users on the platform to tip and reward other users and content creators for the content. At present, the feature is still in the pilot phase and offers the feature of monetary tips through third-party payment services.

If the rumours according to MacRumours are true, Bitcoin will be added to the current payment options (which include Cash App, PayPal and Venmo) to the Tip Jar feature. As per the report:

The addition of a Bitcoin tipping option comes after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told investors in July that Bitcoin was important to the company and would be coming to the Tip Jar in the future.”

Twitter might also be offering a tutorial about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network as part of the rollout, should this feature go live. The tutorial is rumoured to include details about concepts and ideas such as wallets for storing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Should Twitter go ahead with the feature, it would mark another use-case of Bitcoin transactions on digital platforms. Bitcoin has been criticised as an asset with no functional properties other than a store of value – rather than a currency that can be used. The more Bitcoin can be used, the more adoption we might see of digital currencies across industries.