Brave Can Destroy Google’s and Facebook’s Business Model

We have been talking a lot recently about Brave and their Basic Attention Token (BAT) because a real adoption is happening with this coin while Brave gets more market share among the browsers.

Brave’s Business Model compared to Google and Facebook

Braves intention is to take Google’s and Facebook’s place as an intermediary for publishers and advertisers. While Google and Facebook collect information about you while you browse the net, Brave does not collect any information about you.

The user will see ads only if he agrees to see ads. But why would the user agree to see ads? Because they will get paid if they do that.

Starting from the next month Brave will distribute to the browser users 70 percent of the revenue they get from advertisers so they can tip publishers.

This sounds like big progress in the advertising industry putting the user first and not treating him as a product like Facebook and Google actually do.

Of course, Google and Facebook can try to buy the Brave, but they would rather copy the new business model. However, in this case, would be a problem with their credibility.

The partnership with TAP Network

At the beginning of March, the privacy-centered browser and their Basic Attention Token project, declared a partnership with TAP Network which will enable you to spend BAT (Basic Attention Tokens) with more than 250,000 Brands over the world , including Apple, Amazon Starbucks Hilton Hotel and gift vouchers to Uber and more, making BAT the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world. It seems that real adoption is happening with this cryptocurrency.

This news demonstrates that BAT is probably going to be among the main cryptocurrencies to be broadly utilized. Because of their simple wallet integrated into the browser which makes simple for new inexperienced used to use their cryptocurrency. BAT users have not to deal with gas and complicated wallets.

Brave Browser Advantages

Brave users also earn tokens by choosing to see advertisements and have total control on ads they choose to see. With the earned tokens, users can tip their favorite websites, Youtube channels or any content creator the user likes. Also, the user can choose the percentage of tips according to the time he spends on a specific website creating this way a better advertiser/publisher ecosystem and hurting the content that only creates clickbait titles without substance.

Moreover, Brave reports:

“The average mobile browser user pays as much as $23 a month in data charges to download ads and trackers — that’s $276 a year. Brave blocks ads and trackers, so you don’t pay for them.”

Also, many users have reported longer battery life while using the Brave browser and that is because of all the blocked scripts that eat CPU resources.

With UI being so simple, without the need of buying any tokens and with the browser program being quicker and more secure than others, who wouldn’t like to use it?


The Brave browser id fast, secure and respects the user privacy.

Users of the Brave browsers have the ability to choose not to see or see Ads and earn BAT and tip their preferred content creators directly.

Users personal information is not collected by big companies like Google and Facebook and then used or sold to the highest bidder to enrich monolithic corporations.

Speaking about how easy is to switch to the Brave browsers there are also two features it is worth pointing out.

  • Brave is built on Chromium code which is a Google open source project so users can use the Chrome Extensions on Brave and it is also easy to import bookmarks from Chrome or other browsers.
  • Brave giving free token awards to new users to introduce them to their platform.

You can download the Brave browser here and receive immediately $5 in BAT Tokens and the chance to gain BAT through Brave Rewards when it launches probably in the first weeks of April. Downloading Brave from our link will also help supporting this website.