Brave Browser Hits 8 Million Monthly Users And Starts Buybacks to Reward Users


Brave, the privacy focused browser has reached 8 million monthly users and has released impressive stats about their advertising business model which seems to gain traction.

The browser company announced in a blog post that the click-through rate on their ads is 14% which is 7 times bigger than the average click-through rate in the ad industry, and this is an impressive achievement. Brave claims to have delivered 400 advertising campaigns for brands.

30 morpher 351x185 - Brave Browser Hits 8 Million Monthly Users And Starts Buybacks to Reward UsersAirdrop: Morpher is Giving Away 30 USD to Launch their Trading Platform.
The project aims to build a trading platform and is supported, among others by billionaire VC fund Tim Draper.

Brave Publisher Numbers are Growing

The new advertising business model seems to attract more publishers every day. Many content creators are opting into Brave to monetize their content. The new advertising model allows users to tip content creators with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) and this is not limited to only websites monetization but also Youtube channels and social media accounts like Twitter and Reddit.

Brave growth - Brave Browser Hits 8 Million Monthly Users And Starts Buybacks to Reward Users
Source: Brave Transparency

Since January the Youtube publisher on the Brave platform has grown by 1000% a and on Twitter which was added to the Brave Rewards program in June has grown bt +1500% on only a few months.

brave metrics - Brave Browser Hits 8 Million Monthly Users And Starts Buybacks to Reward Users

Brave Launches “Transparency”

Brave, known for its user-driven business model, has launched a page to show different metrics like the number of advertising campaigns, the number of publishers and BAT buybacks by the company to pay users on the reward program.

Brave pays 70% of their revenue to the browser’s users and on the transparency page, they will show exactly who much tokens are they buying to pay the browser users in real-time.

Advertisers in the Brave platform can pay in USD or BAT. USD will be used to buy BAT tokens to pay  Brave users. Till now only $63,000 have been spent to buy BAT, but the business model looks promising and this insights page will serve for investors and token speculators to tract the company growth.

BAT the token behind the browser company seems one of the most promising projects in the blockchain industry because it is one of the few projects that have a real-use purpose. Alto the token price seems to be detached from the overall altcoins market and despite the bearish price action in the last weeks, BAT price has been growing steadily.

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