Brave Browser: 15 Million Monthly Active Users, a Massive Growth

The Brave web browser is experiencing unprecedented growth. Advertisers around the world are rushing to promote their products through this new platform.

Brave wants to revolutionize the web browser sector by allowing users to be rewarded for their interest, to finance a more open Internet, and to stop advertising intrusion thanks to a web shield system.

The essence of the project seems to resonate strongly with enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies, but also with a more general public. As proof, during April and May, the Brave web browser saw its number of users increase by 1.5 million to reach the figure of 15.4 million monthly users.

Growth in the number of Brave browser users since October 2019

After the publication of an expected balance sheet, the Brave company is positioning itself as an outsider of the market with a total of 5.3 million daily active users, i.e. 2 million additional people compared to the figures for June 2019.

A paid advertising system

To counter the advertising invasion that swarms on the web, the developers of Brave have opted for a business model where Internet users can control the influx of advertising viewing offered. In this way, Brave allows companies a much larger audience engagement than its competitors.

The click-through rate of 9%, well above the average of the web browser sector (2%), is the symbol of this success. Some brands have even seen their click-through rates surpass 15%, a total record.

Brave web browser default page showing Advertising on the left bottom corner and showing BAT tokens balance

After launching 1,530 advertising campaigns since last year, an increase of 255% compared to October 2019, the company is celebrating activity in 183 countries.

The number of creators who have integrated the ecosystem using the BAT Token as a new source of income is also growing exponentially. 700,000 websites, GitHub contributors, YouTubers, Twitter users, twitchers, streamers are now paid in BAT.

The Brave browser seems to be a consensus in the world of cryptocurrencies. The credibility of its creator, at the origin of Javascript and Mozilla Firefox, has a lot to do with it.

BAT seems to have found a winning formula that alone validates the use of a business model based on tokenized assets. These projects allow us to dream of the hypothesis of a more open and decentralized web.

If you haven’t started yet using Brave you can start now using the button below to download the browser.