Trading applications such as BitTrader have become popular as interest in cryptocurrency has grown. These trading applications enable newbies and beginners to trade without any prior trading knowledge or experience and help them make great profits without extensive learning. We decided to review BitTrader and make sure that new users have all the information they need about the trading application before investing.

What is BitTrader?

BitTrader is a cutting edge trading application used to trade cryptocurrencies. The application can be used to perform various transactions, including buying and selling on the cryptocurrency market. BitTrader works automatically, which means there is no need to invest large amounts of time or effort in trading. The trading application does not require any prior investment experience, making it accessible for anyone interested in trading.

Summary of our BitTrader review:

  • BitTrader is an authentic trading application with the ability to provide users with profitable opportunities to invest in cryptocurrency.
  • Users need to invest €250 before live trading can begin.
  • We understand that the Win rate for new users is over 90%.
  • Since the trading application is automated, trading can be done 24hours a day.

Is BitTrader Legit?

The BitTrader trading application uses the most advanced technology. We’ve tested the application and from our findings we can confirm that the platform is secure and encrypted. This means that your personal information is protected and cannot be stolen. BitTrader also uses regulated brokers to manage your account. Once you have successfully registered you will also be assigned a dedicated account manager. The system is completely user-friendly and transparent. Any questions you may have can be answered by your account manager. When investing, there is always some risk involved. BitTrader is no exception, however, we will eliminate most of your concerns through this review.

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it would be best to answer your FAQs early on in the review, since many users have raised their concerns over the legitimacy of the trading application.

How much should I invest?

We recommend you start with the minimum required deposit of €250. You can always invest more once you start making profit. Investing the minimum, is a good way of managing the risk you are exposed to.

How much can I expect to make?

There is no threshold when it comes to making a profit and there are no instant guarantees when it comes to investing. We do know that BitTrader minimizes your risk of loss and increases your earning potential.

Is it necessary to have experience when using BitTrader?

No. New users are most welcome to give the trading application a try. You require no prior experience or trading knowledge. BitTrader has a demo feature that will allow you to practice trade.

How it Works

From our observation we can confirm that the trading risks are much lower while using BitTrader. The trading application is very efficient and reliable. All you need to do is get started by opening an account.

We’ll guide you through the steps:

1. Start Registration

Registration can be done by filling in the form below with your basic information. After completion an account manager will contact you.



Register your BitTrader account through 7Bitcoins and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

2. Make a Deposit

Making a deposit is quick and easy with BitTrader. All you need is a minimum deposit of €250 and you can start live trading. This deposit is your first capital investment on the trading application.

3. Start Demo Trading

With BitTrader, you have a demo trading option available to you. On the demo trade mode, you will be able to practice trade for as long as you want to. The great thing about this feature is, you don’t need real funds. We recommend that all users, inexperienced and experienced start with demo trading.

4. Start Live Trading

Once you are comfortable with demo trading, you can move on to live trading. All you need to do is wait for your account manager to help you set your trading parameters and you can begin. All you need to do is watch the robot do the work for you.

Although the trading application is automated, please make sure you spend at least 20 minutes or more a day on your account. It is important that you are up to date with the progress of your account and what is happening on the markets.

Key Benefits of BitTrader

  • Payout system: The payout system works 24hours a day. It is automatically activated when the live trading sessions ends. We can confirm that the payout system is accurate.
  • Withdrawal system: Once a withdrawal request is processed it takes 24hours for your funds to reflect in your account. You won’t have to worry about accessing your money.
  • Customer service: The customer care service is available 24hours a day, five days a week. You can access customer service via email, live chat and telephonically.
  • Security features: The security feature encrypts all your personal details so you do not have to worry about your information being leaked.
  • Demo-trading features: The demo trading feature makes BitTrader stand out from its competitors. This feature allows you to trade without funds. It is a practice round before live trading begins.

What Makes BitTrader Stand Out from Its Competitors

1. Laser-accurate Performance

We found BitTrader to be highly accurate. Although we cannot guarantee instant earnings, we know that this application offers users huge earning potential. Many users have left positive feedback online, claiming that they have made significant profits in the first week of trading.

2. Superior Technology

The algorithm behind the BitTrader trading application is very intelligent and able to extract data from the cryptocurrency markets and global financial news as it happens. Even the slightest signals on the cryptocurrency market can be detected by the algorithm.

Tips for New Investors

Start small: We recommend that you start by investing the minimum deposit. You can invest more at a later stage or when you make your very first profit.
Withdraw earnings: Make sure you withdraw your earnings after every profitable trade. This will help you distinguish between your capital and profit you have made.
Trade everyday: The trading platform is always available online. Nothing is stopping you from placing trades daily. All you need to do is spend at least 20 minutes a day on the platform.

Our Conclusion:

Our team has concluded that the BitTrader trading application is a safe, reliable and efficient trading application, capable of providing users with great earning potential. From our experience, BitTrader is fully transparent and gives new and experienced users all the assistance they need to thrive on the cryptocurrency market. The demo trading feature is quite impressive and allows practice trades to take place without any funding. Another bonus of using BitTrader is its excellent customer service. Users have access to all the information and educational tools they need to be successful on the cryptocurrency market.