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Bitcoin is one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the digital industry. Therefore, many are wondering how to open a Bitcoin wallet for a given cryptocurrency and use it. Here we provide detailed instructions for creating an online Bitcoin wallet at and its further application.

How to open a Bitcoin wallet at

Opening a Bitcoin wallet is very simple. To do this, proceed in the following order:

  1. Go to the wallet site

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Bitcoin Wallet (

Password must be at least 10 characters long. It is better to use variations of letters and numbers, with a changed case to maximize its complexity. Be sure to save or write it down so as not to lose in the future. The administration of the site warns in advance that it will not be able to regain access to it, since it does not have the necessary data — login and password.

How to use bitcoin wallet

You can use the Bitcoin wallet online in various directions: storing cryptocurrencies, sending bitcoins, and making purchase and sale transactions. Private keys and transaction history are also available in the wallet. The interface of the bitcoin wallet has been translated into many languages (Italian, Arabic (, etc.).

How to send bitcoins

To send a certain amount of bitcoins, you need to know the address of the recipient. Next, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the bitcoin address of the recipient’s wallet. It’s better if you copy it and don’t enter it manually.

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Bitcoin wallet interface (

Below is a QR code that contains information about the address of your Bitcoin wallet. To read it, use the scanner on your smartphone.

Buying and selling bitcoins in a wallet

The wallet has separate buttons “buy” and “sell” bitcoin. When you click them, you will be taken to a site where P2P bitcoin trading is performed. At the same time, you can withdraw money in any way convenient for you: VISA and MasterCard bank cards, electronic wallets, etc. For this:
1. Choose the offer you like.
2. Click on it.
3. Indicate the amount of the purchase / sale.
4. Select a payment method.

Next, indicate the commission and conduct the operation.

Bitcoin wallet and private keys

In the wallet, all information about all the keys associated with the account is available:
1. The public key. Used for transactions. Encrypts data during browser access to the server.
2. Private key. It must be saved on a third-party medium. It will allow you to return access to the Bitcoin wallet if you lose your login password.

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Bitcoin private keys

Note that private key information cannot be given to anyone. If you lose it, you risk all the bitcoins that are stored on the account. An AES256 encrypted key is also available for decrypting transactions.

To open a Bitcoin wallet — go to

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