“Bitcoin Maximalists” Join Forces With TRON Against Ethereum


This time there was not an announcement about the announcement but it seems that TRON, Justin Suns’ token is moving to the Liquid Network on Blockstream. Hours ago the two CEOs posted a selfie on Twitter making the announcement and saying that they have a plan and that Ethereum is over.

However, since blockchain is transparent, Whale Alert, a bot that monitors blockchains posted a 300 million TRON transfer that took place 2 days ago, suggesting that the Tron foundation may have paid Blockstream for the above selfie.

Tribalism in crypto is not something new, but Bitcoiners shilling TRON to delegitimize Ethereum is definitely something that catches attention. However, in the end, it is everything about money.

At the time of writing TRON seems to have lost 3.62% in the last 24 hours according to Coinmarketcap, while most of the crypto market is in green.

Seems that news does not work that well to pump the coins any more like it used to work back in 2017 or maybe Justin has bills to pay and is selling some of his TRX.

Blockstream CEO Adam Back went as far as suggesting that the Tron Foundation could potentially buy ConsenSys and replace ETH 2.0 with Tron.

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