“Bitcoin Going to Zero” Narrative Thrives Again – What does it Mean?


Bitcoin suffered a 3% fall, sending the digital asset under $7,000 and causing the bitcoin going to zero narratives to thrive on Twitter. The bottom is every time scary and almost nobody wants to buy it.

The greed & fear index shows 23% which means there is extreme fear in the crypto markets.

30 morpher 351x185 - "Bitcoin Going to Zero" Narrative Thrives Again - What does it Mean?Airdrop: Morpher is Giving Away 30 USD to Launch their Trading Platform.
The project aims to build a trading platform and is supported, among others by billionaire VC fund Tim Draper.

fear greed 17 dec - "Bitcoin Going to Zero" Narrative Thrives Again - What does it Mean?

Here are some tweets from the last days that show the narrative that repeats every time we experience the bottom.

However, a more objective analysis comes from Crypto analyst DonAlt who thinks than one more selloff shakeout before going long.

Bitcoin has been declared dead hundreds of times in his 10 years of life and it was exactly these times where it was the best time to buy the digital asset. Time will tell but this might be the last dip in the 2 years-long bear market.


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