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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Under $9,000 – Support at $8,400 Must Hold Says Crypto Analyst


Bitcoin price has gone under $9,000 today, two weeks after the 40% historic pump earlier in October.

Crypto analyst DonAlt thinks that nothing changed on the charts despite the changing narrative. He thinks that more downside is expected and $8,400 would be a great entry zone for buys to catch maybe some panic wicks.

Bitcoin fear and greed index actually is at 42  down by 6 points from yesterday’s 54.

btc greed fear 8 nov - Bitcoin (BTC) Price Under $9,000 - Support at $8,400 Must Hold Says Crypto Analyst

Bitcoin is up by nearly 150% this year and few months later the bitcoin block will halve. Actually, the market has to absorb 1,800 BTC daily. After May 2020 the market will have to absorb only 900 BTC daily. This might serve as fuel for the next rally among other fundamentals that surround this innovative currency.

On the other side, Altcoins are performing well with BTC-ALT pairs mostly in green except XRP and BSV which are in red compared to BTC.

Another crypto trader that goes by the name TEDDY on Twitter makes a zoom on the chart pointing that bitcoin is at a decision point while testing the cloud support continuously and being rejected.


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