Bank of San Francisco looks to hire a dev to work on a CBDC

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is currently hiring a senior application developer to work on the development and implementation of systems related to central bank digital currency (CBDC).

As per the job listing posted, the chosen candidate would be responsible for developing CBDC-related systems and identifying any potential improvements or risks. According to the post:

“Given the dollar’s important role, Federal Reserve System seeks to further understand the cost and benefits of the potential technologies for central bank digital currencies, and how the system better understand this emerging field.”

The job posting also noted that the software engineer will collaborate with management, other team developers, development operations teams, and vendors to ensure the Federal Reserve is well-equipped to design, develop and implement technology supporting CBDC.

The demand for cryptocurrency careers

There has been a recent rise as the cryptocurrency industry has continued to grow and gain wider adoption. As more individuals and institutions have entered the space, the need for specialised talent has grown, leading to increased demand for professionals with expertise in blockchain technology, cryptography, data analytics, finance, and other relevant fields.

According to research, there was a massive spike in the crypto career creation from 2021 to 2022, with a 395% increase in job openings in the space. LinkedIn published a report on the rise of crypto careers, noting jobs with the keywords “blockchain” and “crypto” as the most favoured in-demand skills by institutions.

Some of the most in-demand cryptocurrency careers include software developers, blockchain developers, smart contract developers, security specialists, financial analysts, and legal and regulatory experts. As the industry overall expands, the demand for non-technical roles in the industry, such as business development managers, customer service representatives, content creators, and project managers also continues to rise.

Despite the relatively small size of the cryptocurrency industry compared to others, salaries in the sector are generally highly competitive, because of the specialised skills needed in the roles.

While there has been tremendous growth already, it is expected that this trend is only going to continue, as more uses for cryptocurrencies emerge and as more firms and governments look to take advantage of the rapidly emerging industry.