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Ethan Hunt

Bitcoin Maximalist and Toxic to our banking and monetary system. Separation of money and state is necessary just like the separation of religion and state in the past. Also, pro-local, pro-global and anti-national.

IMG 8618 351x185 - Crypto Vocabulary for Beginners

Crypto Vocabulary for Beginners

HODL A misspelling word of “hold” which means “keep”. A Hodler is a cryptocurrency trader who buys a coin and does not…

August 19, 2018
Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator 351x185 - Bitcoin Mining Calculator

Bitcoin Mining Calculator

Are you looking for some passive income with your computer’s GPU? Before you even consider doing that it’s important to see how…

August 18, 2018
nimiq 696x449 351x185 - Nimiq The Coin With x 100 Potential!

Nimiq The Coin With x 100 Potential!

 What is Nimiq coin or (NIM)? I came across NIM searching for coins that can be mined from the browser, and…

August 17, 2018
bitcoin 351x185 - What is Bitcoin and How does Bitcoin Work?

What is Bitcoin and How does Bitcoin Work?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that does not exist physically. This basically means that Bitcoin only exists in digital or virtual format.…

August 17, 2018
bitcoin mining 351x185 - How does Bitcoin Mining Work?

How does Bitcoin Mining Work?

 In this article, you will learn about Bitcoin mining how it works and why it’s such an integral component for the…

August 17, 2018
bitcoin slide 351x185 - What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

If you bought a single bitcoin 1 year and a half ago you would’ve paid just under $1000 for it. However, if you…

August 17, 2018
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