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Austrian Man Robbed at Gunpoint and Forced to Transfer Cryptocurrency


A 30-year-old Austrian man was robbed at gunpoint in his office, tied up and forced to transfer cryptocurrency according to the largest media in Austria.

The offenders have raided the man in his office in Wels in the evening which then escalated in a home invasion.

The perpetrators also put on the surprise effect. They rang late at night at the 30-year-old’s office door. The man opened and was forced into the office by the masked men. Armed with a pistol and a rubber truncheon, they demanded money and cryptocurrencies.

Tied up with cable and tape

The victim gave them cash and then had to transfer cryptocurrencies from his computer. The sum is not known yet. Then the two men handcuffed the 30-year-old with cable and tape, leaving him in his office. The man later laboriously freed himself and notified the police. He suffered a shock.

The state criminal investigation office has started investigations. In similar cases recently, the investigators got the first clues about the cryptocurrencies, as crypto transfers can be traced online easily.

Crypto holders that also make public their crypto holdings have become an attractive target for thieves. Among the online hacks that crypto experiences frequently, thieves are also forcing people to transfer them crypto by threatening or harming them physically.


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