Has Jeremy Clarkson Really Invested in Bitcoin?

Jeremy Clarkson, the iconic motor car enthusiast and one of Top Gear’s pevious presenters, has made a major name for himself in television. With a somewhat controversial reputation, he has gained a significant following and has accumulated wealth from his broadcasting success. As a result of his fame and his fortune, rumours have begun circulating that he has been investing in Bitcoin through trading platforms such as Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution, and Bitcoin Trader.

Does Jeremy Clarkson trade Bitcoin?

To investigate whether the rumours are true, we conducted research into all public conversation from Clarkson. From our investigation, it seems to stand that Jeremy Clarkson has not invested any of his wealth in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Since Bitcoin is anonymous, we cannot confirm whether he has invested in Bitcoin privately and simply chosen to keep the investments quiet.

Why are there rumours that Clarkson has invested in Bitcoin?

The rumour mill tends to churn when there is a fan following. This is likely the reason for the suggestions that Clarkson has invested in Bitcoin. Gossip news and media sites are likely trying to take advantage of the celebrity status that Clarkson has in order to entice users to their sites. Using click bait headlines with fake news and false rumours, affiliate marketers also try to attract Clarkson’s fans to buy Bitcoin.

What is Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth?

Two of the main reasons for the Clarkson and Bitcoin rumours are his celebrity status and his wealth which is poised for investment opportunities. Jeremy Clarkson’s net worth is to be around an estimated figure of around £28.9 million GBP.

What is Bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin trading, simply, is the trading of Bitcoin across exchanges for another cryptocurrency or for fiat currency.

Bitcoin automated trading is another concept in Bitcoin trading. This happens through platforms which use data-driven trends and algorithms to make automated trades on behalf of investors. In this, a user makes a deposit into their account on the automated trading platform and the platform then makes trades based on market movements by using tradong bots and automated Bitcoin trading software.

The benefits of automated trading platforms are:

  • It alleviates any human error from Bitcoin trading,
  • It relies on software and algorithms, meaning any emotion and FOMO is reduced,
  • Trades happen automatically, meaning the user doesn’t need to watch the price of Bitcoin consistently in case the market moves,
  • With automated trades, profitable opportunities won’t be missed if the user is not able to make a trade at an opportune time,
  • The user can earn a passive income from Bitcoin profits,
  • Any user can take advantage of Bitcoin trading – not only experts and experienced analysts and traders.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a well-known trading platform (and one which Jeremy Clarkson has been associated with in the rumours). The trading platform has a significant success of moer than 88% success for profitable trades. The software is smart and the platform’s bots intelligently make trades looking at the market’s motion. With the ability to make snappy trades before the market shifts in a major direction, trading with Bitcoin Revolution is a great way to make money from Bitcoin with no effort and a small initial deposit.

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Another trading platform falsely said to be associated with Clarkson is Bitcoin Evolution. Like Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution is an automateed trading platform which makes trades on behalf of its users. This platform boasts a massive 90% success rate on trades made for its users; making it the perfect starting platform for investment and beginner Bitcoin traders.

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What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a trading platform with advanced features designed to give traders an edge in Bitcoin trading. We reviewed the platform and found the site easy to use with a plethora of fantastic features including demo live trading and 24/7 online customer support.