Anti-Euro Mural with a Bitcoin QR code in Paris Protests


Crypto enthusiasts around the globe, see with enthusiasm how Bitcoin became a part of the Paris protests. The provocative mural this time shows the French Romantic artist Eugène Delacroix burning a 100 euro banknote.

This is the third Mural Pascal Boyart has done during the Paris protests. Pascal Boyart is an incredibly innovative artist with solid political perspectives. The mural raises flags about the centralized institutions that impoverish people by devaluating their savings and controlling their monetary freedom.

A photo with one of the Yellow Vest with a phrase on his back saying “Buy Bitcoin”, gone viral on the internet turned up that the movement was not just about unemployment or taxes.

Many think that it is more about cryptocurrencies, a movement against the monetary systems, to spread the Bitcoin revolution.

Some days ago the European Central Bank (ECB) said that Bitcoin is not money because it can not be issued! Without intention outlining Bitcoins deflationary nature, unlike fiat money that can be printed creating inflation and stealing money from the people savings.



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spinner - Anti-Euro Mural with a Bitcoin QR code in Paris Protests

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