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Crypto investors looking for money-spinning investment opportunities now have somewhere to put their Bitcoin and reap from unmatched returns in the market. With a paltry 0.02 BTC, investors can invest with AMFEIX Fund and sit back, as its team of crypto traders maximizes their profits and grows their wealth.

The firm mainly trades in crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairings, with BTC/USD constituting up to 73.9% of the trading desk while ETH/BTC and XRP/BTC are taking 9% each. Other cryptos traded are Binance Coin (BNB)/BTC, Litecoin (LTC)/BTC, Cardano (ADA)/BTC, NEO/BTC, and Monero (XMR)/BTC.

Classified Registration

The platform allows users to invest their crypto without divulging any personal details. They can use pseudonyms, open their wallets, deposit BTC and become part of the AMFEIX family.

Investors can open a wallet on the AMFEIX platform and deposit their BTC, which will immediately reflect on their wallets. After 24 hours, the BTC deposit will also reflect on the Funds page of the AMFEIX platform.

Highly Secured Site

AMFEIX.comuses several security measures to guarantee the safety of investors’ funds. Additionally, the firm uses clear-cut policy guidelines to guide its investment decisions to limit any loss of funds due to miscalculated trading decisions.

The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain, a powerful technology that can withstand hacks from any quarters. Moreover, being decentralised, AMFEIX’s platform is inaccessible to any third parties wishing to gain entry into the site. The site keeps its inactively traded funds in cold storage to prevent hackers on the World Wide Web from launching systemic attacks on the platform.

Investors have a seed key that they use to link all the devices they use to their accounts to prevent any unauthorized access from any device. The 12-letter seed key is also useful when an investor wants to recover an illegally accessed account.

As a means of protecting the funds from the volatile swings in the crypto markets, AMFEIX only trades with 30-50 % of the existing pool of funds at any given time. The strategy minimizes any exposure to adverse market fundamentals that may significantly eat into the investors’ deposits.

ConvenientProfit Sharing

The profit-sharing ratio is 2:8, with investors taking 80% while the firm takes the remaining 20 %, – which, by any standards, is extremely reasonable.

Limitless Wealth Growth Opportunities

Investors who prefer to grow their wealth can choose not to withdraw their profits and, instead, reinvest them. Over time, their wealth will phenomenally grow and, as Bitcoin’s price increases, they’ll see their wealth multiply.

Transparent Fees

AMFEIX doesn’t have any hidden fees. The firm is open on what it takes from the profits generated. It works hard to make profits for its investors, and then it takes 20% of the gains made.

Tranquil Withdrawal and Termination

Withdrawing funds from AMFEIX is stress-free and uncomplicated. With only a click of a button, users can request to withdraw; after approval, they’ll receive their funds in their wallet.

Terminating a contract with AMFEIX is also very easy because the company doesn’t have a minimum investment period. Users can declare their intention to end the contract, and the firm will send all their funds into their wallet for a transfer to wherever they like.

Money-spinning Referral Program

The AMFEIX.comreferral program provides investors with another money-spinning opportunity. Users who refer new investors to the platform using the AMFEIX referral link get 10% of the profits made by the new investor.

AMFEIX Fund provides Bitcoin investors with a platform that will enable them to realize unbelievable gains on their Bitcoin holdings. Investors can enjoy the profits made from their cryptos while trading pseudo-anonymously with a secure investment fund.

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