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Advertise your crypto project on in front of hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts. We offer direct banner placements on our website for competitive prices on a monthly basis.
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Banner placements

728×90 on the top of Site – Price $300
300 x 250 on top of Sidebar – Price $300
300 x 250 on the middle of Sidebar – Price $250
300 x 250 on bottom of Sidebar – Price $150

Prices are on a monthly basis and only one advertiser per spot so you get 100% of the view. The banners are sold on a first come, first served basis.

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Press Release

You can use the form below to submit your “Press Release” which you have written. It will be posted within 24 hours and promoted on our Twitter account with 3,000 followers, Facebook page with 1,200 followers and sent to our mailing list with 2000 subscribers.
The release is posted to the homepage and will remain in our archives permanently.

Cost: $90

Bulk Discounts for PR:

  • x1 PR: $90
  • x3 PR: $200

Sponsored Post

If you would like us to write a  review or guide about your product or about your company, we can do this in 48 hours. We will send it to you for review before posting on our blog. Once posted, it will then be promoted on our Twitter account with 3000 followers and on our mailing list with 2000 subscribers.

Cost: $149

Bulk Discounts for PR:

  • x1 PR: $149
  • x3 PR: $340

We accept payment via PayPal or crypto.

Important: You must provide a transaction ID in the submission form so we can confirm the payment.

Bitcoin payment address: 16Z5D8SaBZ93j78nyiLj7qxwWHgxJDRTky
Ethereum payment address: 0x58755183Da51D8f8Ae91712Dc5774C7DB39baFCc
Litecoin payment address: LaBUaBJVJgW68xU3tZqfqgzHHzFmkPkVha

To advertise on use this form below or drop us an Email –

You can also check our partner’s page if you want to submit your press release on many cryptocurrency websites without having to deal with them one by one.

If you are launching a Token Sale or want to send a Press Release for a new product for your ICO we can offer a Mega Press Release Package on more than 500 Cryptocurrency Newspapers, and you can pay in Tokens after your PR has been posted. For more info Contact us directly through Telegram