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7Bitcoins – Informative Website with Cryptocurrency Guides about the Blockchain economy was created to help beginners enter the bitcoin world and also inform the more advanced users about the new trends in the crypto world.
For example, 7Bitcoins has a complete guide for buying bitcoins using Paypal. While the average bitcoin users have since a long time ago used these techniques for getting bitcoins, bitcoin amateurs are in desperate need of Paypal to Bitcoin exchanges, as a first step to get in the cryptocurrency world.
Crypto is still in the early stages and you can still be an early adopter.
At you can find all the ways to make money with bitcoin. There are guides about how to buy bitcoin with credit card or debit card.
I remember my feeling when I got my first bitcoin.
This is what we aim to provide, the inspiration for people who are not yet in crypto or do not know yet about cryptocurrencies.
Early Bitcoiners had the fortune to make millions with very small investments. Here at 7bitcoins, we want to help new bitcoiners understanding the crypto world.

7Bitcoins isn’t just about Bitcoins

As looks apparently form the name 7 bitcoins isn’t just about bitcoin, but it is a general informational website about altcoins. There are reviews in many categories like mining, exchanges, wallets, etc. Also along with that, there are also calls for unknown coins with big potential growth.
Despite being a new website, 7bitcoins growing fast with already 2000 email subscribers and more than 3000 Twitter followers.
Because of that, it is a good place to promote companies related to cryptocurrency.