4Chan Prophecy: Deutsche Bank has Reportedly Filed Bankruptcy


This post was most recently updated on November 7th, 2019

Another 4Chan Prophecy is circulating that Deutsche Bank has ALLEGEDLY filed Bankruptcy saying:

“Don’t ask me how i know but Deutsche Bank filed for bankruptcy today Tomorrow it will be all over the news and our system will start to break under its own weight”

4chan - 4Chan Prophecy: Deutsche Bank has Reportedly Filed Bankruptcy

It has not been confirmed yet, but if it becomes true it will be the end of the financial system as we know it. The German bank could not fail without causing a domino effect and taking with it the whole system.

The banking sector is having a rough time. According to McKinsey Report, One in Three Banks Threatened to Disappear in the Coming Months.

There have been a weakness signal months ago when Deutsche Bank has been reducing its working force by 18,000 since July according to a CNN report.

Deutsche Bank was founded 149 years ago in March 1870 in Germany, operates in 58 countries and had 89,958 employees in Q3 2019.

Deutsche Bank bank is the 17 largest bank in the world with 1.5 Trillion in assets, however, if compared with Binance exchange it appears that Binance is More Profitable than Deutsche Bank, Germany’s Biggest Bank.

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spinner - 4Chan Prophecy: Deutsche Bank has Reportedly Filed Bankruptcy

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    Naaah, that’s just trolling. Both forchan and reddit have the same info. Probably just someone being too deep in shorts…

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